Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Janis Joplin

As I contemplated getting this Noah Project off dry land and into the water, I thought of Janis Joplin’s song regarding Freedom. I said to myself, I definitely have nothing to lose, and a lot that I owe to myself to start this maiden voyage. It took listening to the 3 Democratic debates thus far and talking to a few of my prior campaign supporters to move me to set out on the Noah Project. True or not, Noah’s story is in the Bible, and it fits for me as it probably did for him back then, namely, people thought it ridiculous to proceed forward with the plan of building the Ark, there is no rain in sight. I spoke to a few key political folks who worked faithfully along side me in two prior campaigns, now they are nothing but discouraging me. They say no decent Republican would challenge Trump in a primary. But I say it needs to be done. This is still America and political candidate options are a part of our heritage. So I want to challenge Trump, because i believe I can carry out some of the good things he has started but above and beyond that, do it in a manner that “Makes America One Again.” The country has become too divisive and we need to mend morally, and that needs to start from the top down, from a leader with character and impeccable example. One who not only can continue to advance the beneficial policies that have arisen from the current administration but one that can excel in demeanor, proper decorum, American spirit, decency, respect, empathy, and behavior that every citizen would want to emulate.

This is the first place it is announced technically, though I did register with the FEC. I believe the time is right! I have always contended that when the Nation’s need intersects with my innate preparedness, we will proceed to serve. So this blog was started as a requirement for a seminary course, but now that I have graduated, I am free to communicate whatever I choose. The blog itself had only a few respondents but I anticipate that changing.  I am putting this out there, the seed is planted, and I anticipate that all the right people who truly want to Make America One Again, will be joining me in charting the waters to our destination, “A Unified Nation.”  Good Night for now.

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