Can’t Not Do!

Well, we both saw the recent debate and know we don’t need any more of them. If you are feeling like you honestly don’t have any good choice among two, you are correct. One is unstable, the other unbalanced. What the nation does need is a functional centered adult female for POTUS. We have had enough of the bullying, narcissistic treatment, which none have escaped based on gender, race, size, origin, occupation, you name it. So looking forward, what is a better and best option? First, Money should not be the determining factor for a person to win an election. We need caps on campaign spending. A candidate should win based on character, values and proven reputation. Secondly, we need to abolish the Electoral College. The direct popular vote is representative of the citizen’s wishes and should be honored. Since an amendment is required to do so, we could bypass that and support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact to achieve much needed reform.

Moving forward, the only way to go, I would ask you kindly to review the following regarding the major issues and my platform responses. On this basis, you can make an intelligent decision to use the blank space on your ballot to write-in Barbara Bellar, as your POTUS choice.

If you think this takes courage, you would be right. But when in the course of inhumane events, it becomes necessary for American citizens, to disavow behavior, such as we have witnessed, drastic innovative measures are best applied for future justice, unity and growth of our nation. .

Your Write-In for POTUS!

Today we celebrate Constitution Day! 

The American Constitution has endured for 233 years because it was brilliantly conceived and based on the principles of liberty set forth in the Declaration of Independence, it is a keeper and a survivor, and our servant! It deserves our respect and support, because its inception was meant to guarantee equality for all eternally. Recent events have threatened, destroyed, torn down, demeaned and attempted to make the Constitution of null effect, but the citizens of the United States know in their heart of hearts that we are one nation under God, with God given rights. We need a renewed recognition of our common humanity under the banner of our constitution.

It is time for all to join hands with our sleeves rolled up and say we can no longer be a part of this charade of misinformation, distortion of facts, hiding of evidence and insulting our intelligence. At this point 1 + 1 = Zero, because the two choices you currently have, together don’t even equal one good choice. It is time for one (more than functioning adult) to join with 330,299,006 other citizens to form one nation.

I would ask you to kindly consider casting your precious vote for a write-in candidate.

Write-in Barbara Bellar on your ballot for POTUS. Together we can heal the divisions and disease in America.

Christening the Ark!

Some weeks ago I foretold the launching of “The Noah Project”‘ So OUR epoch has arrived. I need every American citizen voter to write-in my name on their ballot. The flood of greed, deception, dishonesty, withholding of information from the American Citizens, is now overflowing, and the swamp has not been drained because there is a thick slimy glob clogging up everything. America is already undoubtedly great, but now we must heal the divisions, the fractures, and mend. Start mulling this over and follow along. Thank You.

Who has the Deeper pockets?

It is said that of the various kinds of intelligence, generosity is the first.

The art of giving is a gift in itself, because it is a known fact that the more you give the more you get back. Some folks live their life with a mentality of scarcity, and thus find a compulsion to hoard, while others live their life with a mentality of abundance, and are not owned by their possessions.

     It is easy to talk generosity but it is a whole other matter to actually live being generous. Is it a certain personality, is it natural, is it genetic, is it related to class or income? What if we measure and divide it by party affiliation? If we examine the generosity I.Q. of Liberals versus Conservatives, which would you suspect would be found to be more generous. The going tendency is to believe simply being a liberal means that you would give away the shirt off your back and the farm to boot. Liberals in government have been known to spearhead many government programs to assist those in need, it can be easy to spend taxpayers money, willy-nilly! But when we consider the “generosity index” we see the cupboard is bare in the Northeastern states. When charities “open the books”, it is discovered that Liberals, largely Democrats, actually donate less money to charity than Republicans. So Republicans put their money where their mouth is.

     Putting money aside, and looking at another donating measure, we may ask who donates the most to blood banks. People in red states are more likely to volunteer for good causes, and conservatives donate blood more often than moderates and liberals. Can we extrapolate to say “Conservatives more American than Liberals”? Typically, Conservatives give more to their church organizations and institutions of higher learning, while Liberals give more to the Arts, and Museums.

     One thing for sure we can say, that the Government alone cannot meet all the financial needs of the homeless and unemployed, nor should they. The left motives may be tarnished by creating a hook of dependency over the needy.  Dependency pays off in votes. The left do not have a market on compassion, nor the right on optimism. It takes citizens of all affiliations, and beliefs, to contribute toward the support of all of society’s members.

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Janis Joplin

As I contemplated getting this Noah Project off dry land and into the water, I thought of Janis Joplin’s song regarding Freedom. I said to myself, I definitely have nothing to lose, and a lot that I owe to myself to start this maiden voyage. It took listening to the 3 Democratic debates thus far and talking to a few of my prior campaign supporters to move me to set out on the Noah Project. True or not, Noah’s story is in the Bible, and it fits for me as it probably did for him back then, namely, people thought it ridiculous to proceed forward with the plan of building the Ark, there is no rain in sight. I spoke to a few key political folks who worked faithfully along side me in two prior campaigns, now they are nothing but discouraging me. They say no decent Republican would challenge Trump in a primary. But I say it needs to be done. This is still America and political candidate options are a part of our heritage. So I want to challenge Trump, because i believe I can carry out some of the good things he has started but above and beyond that, do it in a manner that “Makes America One Again.” The country has become too divisive and we need to mend morally, and that needs to start from the top down, from a leader with character and impeccable example. One who not only can continue to advance the beneficial policies that have arisen from the current administration but one that can excel in demeanor, proper decorum, American spirit, decency, respect, empathy, and behavior that every citizen would want to emulate.

This is the first place it is announced technically, though I did register with the FEC. I believe the time is right! I have always contended that when the Nation’s need intersects with my innate preparedness, we will proceed to serve. So this blog was started as a requirement for a seminary course, but now that I have graduated, I am free to communicate whatever I choose. The blog itself had only a few respondents but I anticipate that changing.  I am putting this out there, the seed is planted, and I anticipate that all the right people who truly want to Make America One Again, will be joining me in charting the waters to our destination, “A Unified Nation.”  Good Night for now.

A Christian Physician’s Rx for healing!


This pointed cartoon was on Pinterest and it shouts volumes to me as a seminary student, physician, prior political candidate and attorney.

Mercy Hospital in Chicago this week was bleeding because a jilted crazed male entered as a gunman wanting to retaliate against an unrequited love. In the malicious chaos, three innocent people were killed, and the gunman was killed.

As a seminarian student, I hear the words of Jesus saying ” Those who use the sword will die by the sword.” Matt 26:52. As a physician, who has worked Emergency rooms and continues to have open doors to patients daily, I literally cringe for the needless death of a dedicated colleague.

Dr. O’Neal, the woman physician who was murdered,  was no doubt cut from the cloth of most physicians, the fabric of wanting to help and heal. Medical personnel must deal with the presentation of very fragile patients each day, and what we have to offer that, is insubstantial to limited.

While the sad siege at Mercy Hospital was not a mass murder by any definition, it was an action of a mentally imbalanced man. His emotional and mental illness was missed at several levels, his academic institution, his fire department firing, his divorce hearings, his ex-wife, and his physician fiance, but none of them are to blame.

Instead, the blame if any goes to a system that makes it easy to get a gun, but hard and scare and shameful to get mental health treatment. Males especially in our society are conditioned to ignore or hide feelings of inadequacy, but encouraged via violent sports and rampant video games to retaliate, don’t capitulate. The National Alliance on Mental Illness can attest to the disastrous effects of the hard financial cuts in numerous states reducing the availability of mental health services.  I surmise the tide of these ill thought budget cuts for mental health services is finally turning as we consider the Fiscal Year 2019 budget that will include $10 billion over five (5) years to combat the opioid epidemic and serious mental illness. 

One domino down, but we still need serious legislation considering the ease of availability in obtaining guns, so granted. Still people kill people, and our society has glorified ill-placed power in wielding a gun. Our constitution provides for a right to bear arms, originally meant for militia, but in 2008 the Supreme Court endorsed that right to individuals in their home for self-defense. It is the lax vetting and the illegal access to weapons that brings the video screen vividly to life and death.

As a society, I believe and have faith in our God given common sense, plus the 6th commandment! (Refresher: Thou shalt not kill.) There are solutions and options. Constitutional amendments have been enacted in our history, budget increases are on the horizon, parental control of violent videos, maximum vetting for any gun purchase, and especially a society with a heart to address the needs of the mentally ill via services, lifting of stigma and discussing mental health openly in the public forum. Truth be told, I offer Psalm 34:14 for believers and non-believers, “Turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”



The POTUS hit a trifecta this past week, by publicly insulting 3 black female journalists.BE A MAN RESPECT WOMEN

The women – Abby Phillip, April Ryan and Yamiche Alcindor – earned his contempt apparently just for asking him questions. Mr Trump called one of Ms Phillip’s questions “stupid,” described Ms Ryan as “a loser” and brushed off Ms Alcindor, saying her question was “racist.” These are professional reputable women, being debased and bullied by a non-professional POTUS, how disgraceful! One would normally expect a leader to exude qualities of honesty, kindness and treating everyone equally. Not so with the current malignant narcissist in office.

As a Christian, Seminary student and Citizen, I simply cannot remain silent regarding the discrimination towards women from the current POTUS. We know from scripture that Jesus himself while on this earth, treated women with honor, value, dignity and respect. Jesus elevated the status of women when historically at the time women were generally discriminated upon. For Christ, women have an intrinsic value, equal to that of men. Jesus said, “…at the beginning the Creator made them male and female” (Matt 19:4; cf. Gen.1:27) Women are created in the image of God just as men are. Like men they have self-awareness, personal freedom, a measure  of self-determination and personal responsibility for their actions. As a Christian, I am ashamed for the POTUS in his disregard and abuse of female citizens. As a nation, we should not accept such behavior from the POTUS, and he needs to be called out on it, not expecting such disregard to be tolerated. He needs to get his act together, or as a juvenile he needs to permanently stay in the time-out chair. Call the White House at 202-456-1414 and voice your strong concern and support for women. Let the POTUS know this is not acceptable and truth be told, not Christian.

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothin!


The POTUS is literally declaring a war against an unarmed caravan of migrants from Honduras. The ‘caravan” is comprised of people, women, men and children, who have no choice but to leave their homeland or lose their lives. The causes for the migration are many, escaping domestic violence, dodging a gang out to murder you, or looking for employment to provide a future for your family.

The President describes these people as an “onslaught”, yet they are not attacking anyone. The President is preparing to attack them via his ordering deployment of 5,200 active duty troops to occupy the U.S.-Mexico border. Whether these people are being used as a pawn issue in view of the upcoming election or not, is certainly not the point. Additionally, they are being demeaned and described as invading and occupying, and the president is sending out the calvary to stop them in their tracks, a declaration of war.

Does anything justify such a response? Is the potential for violence actually brought on by the defensive and defamatory position taken, which accuses the migrants of ill-intent and harm to all in their journey pathway? Is violence ever justified? This is sheer war-mongering, and we Americans should not advocate such aggression toward these migrants.

There was another impactful journey recorded in the Gospels. Jesus of Nazareth and his followers entered Jerusalem totally nonviolently. They also came because they had been driven into poverty by the Roman Empire’s occupation of their land. Jesus had compassion on those who were marginalized and alienated. Those rejected in society were despised, but Jesus came to bring liberation not just from sins but rather from the whole dominating system and from the ideas upon which it was founded, then and now!

Innocent people throughout history were treated violently, our own President is in effect declaring war and possible violence against innocent migrant people. As Christians, we are morally obligated to call out the self-proclaimed reaction of our President against these innocent migrants. Will we allow the perpetuation of violence to be the continued historical answer toward those who we choose to control and oppress? These migrants do not represent an assault on our country, they represent an assault on our conscience!

Make no moral mistake, truth be told, the real essence of these migrants is being totally distorted and confabulated prior to an upcoming election. They do not qualify for asylum, but they do deserve a hearing.