Your Write-In for POTUS!

Today we celebrate Constitution Day! 

The American Constitution has endured for 233 years because it was brilliantly conceived and based on the principles of liberty set forth in the Declaration of Independence, it is a keeper and a survivor, and our servant! It deserves our respect and support, because its inception was meant to guarantee equality for all eternally. Recent events have threatened, destroyed, torn down, demeaned and attempted to make the Constitution of null effect, but the citizens of the United States know in their heart of hearts that we are one nation under God, with God given rights. We need a renewed recognition of our common humanity under the banner of our constitution.

It is time for all to join hands with our sleeves rolled up and say we can no longer be a part of this charade of misinformation, distortion of facts, hiding of evidence and insulting our intelligence. At this point 1 + 1 = Zero, because the two choices you currently have, together don’t even equal one good choice. It is time for one (more than functioning adult) to join with 330,299,006 other citizens to form one nation.

I would ask you to kindly consider casting your precious vote for a write-in candidate.

Write-in Barbara Bellar on your ballot for POTUS. Together we can heal the divisions and disease in America.

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