Can’t Not Do!

Well, we both saw the recent debate and know we don’t need any more of them. If you are feeling like you honestly don’t have any good choice among two, you are correct. One is unstable, the other unbalanced. What the nation does need is a functional centered adult female for POTUS. We have had enough of the bullying, narcissistic treatment, which none have escaped based on gender, race, size, origin, occupation, you name it. So looking forward, what is a better and best option? First, Money should not be the determining factor for a person to win an election. We need caps on campaign spending. A candidate should win based on character, values and proven reputation. Secondly, we need to abolish the Electoral College. The direct popular vote is representative of the citizen’s wishes and should be honored. Since an amendment is required to do so, we could bypass that and support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact to achieve much needed reform.

Moving forward, the only way to go, I would ask you kindly to review the following regarding the major issues and my platform responses. On this basis, you can make an intelligent decision to use the blank space on your ballot to write-in Barbara Bellar, as your POTUS choice.

If you think this takes courage, you would be right. But when in the course of inhumane events, it becomes necessary for American citizens, to disavow behavior, such as we have witnessed, drastic innovative measures are best applied for future justice, unity and growth of our nation. .

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